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Would you like to experience one of the best parties you could possibly imagine?

Double shot will give you that opportunity…

If you’re looking for strong emotions and you love going to festivals in order to socialize and get the know a city; if you don’t like taking classes and you love dancing all day with your friends, this is your pass.

The whole world knows that we know how to enjoy a good party in Valencia.
Would you like to find out how much?


Dress code
La noche de las flores Friday 22th

They say that Valencia is the city of flowers, light, and love. That’s why we want to pay tribute to our beloved city with La noche de las flores. And, of course, we need your collaboration.

The theme for the dress code of this edition of Double Shot is flowers. You can wear clothes with a floral design or decorate your outfit with your favorite flowers.

Spring is coming… Don’t say we haven’t given you a great excuse to look good!


The adventure pass will not be available for Double Shot 2019…

But if it’s parties you’re after, you won’t be left wanting because in the summer of 2019 Adventure Fest is back!
More info after Double Shot…