Blues Partnered tracks

Double Shot brings together the best the blues scene has to offer; hand-picking some of the very best international teachers who are at the forefront of style and technique; providing a host of challenging material, all delivered with warmth, fun and enthusiasm!

We have a class tailored for you, no matter where you are in your blues dance journey. For the newer dancers, your teachers will break down the fundamentals of blues movement and connection, providing some “a-ha!” moments as key concepts click into place.

For the more experienced dancers, we’ll will dive deeper into technique for connection and communication, polishing your current skills; and for the most addicted dancers, there’s our French 75 Track packed with higher level concepts to really advance your dancing (a very small group will be invited to the French 75 track).

We’re super excited to unleash – brand new for 2018 – “The Jenny Track” for experienced dancers who want to party all night and still get some top-level instruction from the inimitable Miss Sowden. Four hours of classes with topics including competition, choreography, performance, and developing your personal style.

All workshops take place in our mirrored and air-conditioned dance studios in Russafa, either in “La Escuela” (the home of Double Shot and our party venue) or ours sister venues which are just a short walk away.

At Double Shot, we know you love to party, so classes start at a leisurely time in the afternoon (or evening!). You can level up your dancing in the workshops, party into the small hours with our incredible DJs and bands, AND still have time to sleep in and have a chilled brunch with friends at one of Russafa’s many hip cafes. What could be more perfect?!

No matter which group you join, this will be so much more than your average workshop weekend. Join “La Familia”, get some sunshine on your face, and see why everybody loves to dance and party in Valencia!