Liberato’s Methodology

Liberato’s methodology investigates concepts that are related with connection, communication and expression through dance, applying techniques that develop self-knowledge, the movement and sensitivity.

It is directed toward individuals that are interested in dance-therapy, self-knowledge, and dance (whether individually or couple-dance) with the objective of increasing the awareness of how they express and feel, as well as to improve their quality of movement. Dance is the vehicle used to achieve such objective, as a way to awaken the sensitive body, and a state of surrender, that aim to promote a flowing, spontaneous and pleasurable dance.

In the last recent years this methodology has been applied to thousands of people in more than 20 countries, with amazing results. It has contributed to help people flow freely, awaken their creativity and self-knowledge. In addition, it prepared students to enjoy any type of dance, either couple-dance or individually. The work is carried out from the essence of each person with the objective to widen the understanding and relationship between “life dance & dance life”.

Our investigation has led us focus our work in the development of theories and exercises that are holistic and integral, with resources that were acquired during the extensive experience of Xandy Liberato in the dance world.

Presently, the team is formed by the psychologist and therapist Luciana de Campos, the methodologist Joana de Barros, with Leandro Campos and Leo Campos as mentors, the research group formed by Judit Triguero and Xandy Liberato, the University of São Paulo in Brazil and our assistant Javier Salcedo.